Online Tools for Teachers
Here is a list of a few great interactive classroom spaces (e.g. Edmodo).  You can click the links to go to each; they are all free!




-A very robust web program with which you can disseminate information and assess your students.



-This appears to be a new site with many tools and features.  It allows you to create tests, fill-in-the-blank texts, math problems, and other writing tools.  It is free so check it out!  



-This is a class managing system, much like Edmodo, but with a more academic looking interface; with schoology you can set up classes, invite students, create folders, assign, and submit assignments.  This is an interesting and powerful classroom aid. 



-This is a great interactive classroom space that provides real-time live feedback during class time; students join your class, and you can poll, quiz, discuss, and analyze material in a live format.  You can also create an assessment bank that provides real-time data on the students, so you can watch how they answer each question as they answer it.  This is a very powerful tool.

Take a look and see what you think!


Jonathan Ferguson, M.A.T.
Instructional Technology Coach