Dr. Duane Graham, Principal
Mrs. Latasha Cassidy, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Chastity Evans, Assistant Principal
Dr. KaRon Webb, Assistant Principal

Adminstrative Assistants
Catherine Reid, Principal's Secretary 
Donna Darby, Distance Learning/Secretary
Shannon Porter, Attendance Secretary
Denise Rice, Bookkeeper 
Angela Wood, Secretary
2017-18 Faculty and Staff
 Faculty and Staff      Area of Instruction Email
Alexandria Allen             English 
Anne Marie Barnes English
Mary Bell Guidance Counselor    
Joshua Beckham              Social Studies
Harriett Boulware ISS Monitor
Allen Boyd
Paul Bryant Science
Ricky Campbell Athletic Director, PE
Denise Chavis Math
Martha Christy Social Studies
Jamie Counterman Math
Gabrielle Davis Science
Chris Dodson
Jackie Feaster Math
Jonathan Ferguson Instructional Coach
Victor Floyd
Freshman Focus, PE
David Gerdes English
Kayla Gilfillan Math
Christine Hobbs            English
Julia Hopkins Math
Lynda Hunter Cafeteria Manager
Dennis Jensen Driver's Ed
Chris Johnson English
Melissia Perkins Jordan
Robert Jordan English
Boyd Joye JROTC
Susan Kovas Guidance Counselor
Curtis LeMay Art
Arther Lewis JROTC
Jeffrey Lewis
Social Studies
Erik Lutjen Band, Music
Moise Moctezuma-Santiago
Carol Podmore Media Specialist
Darlene Pomerantz English
Chris Powell Social Studies
Mckenzie Queen Media Assistant
Shawn Reen Social Studies
Ronald Reid     Computer Lab
Kenneth Schofield Health
Kathy Shelton Science
Beverly Singleton Drama
Jack Sink Instructional Assistant
Emily Sirico
Larissa Thompson Family & Consumer Science
Song Vang Math
Jenna Vogel
Tianne Watson Instructional Assistant
Brittnay Wilcox Resource
Renee Witherspoon Guidance Counselor
Wayne Worthy Social Studies, Yearbook